First In First Out

There are so many milestones in those first 2 years – first smile, laugh, rolling over, sitting up…and those first teeth.  Juliana’s bottom two teeth made their appearance in May 2006 when she was 7 months old. 

Once walking and talking are regular activities, the major milestones drop off for a while.  Now a few weeks shy of 5.5, Juliana has reached another milestone – she lost one of those first baby teeth.  About 2 weeks ago I reminded her that she had a dentist appt coming up.  She was very excited – she loves her dentist Dr Ali.  I asked if she had any loose teeth and she said yes, very loose.  When I checked I was surprised to feel how loose it was and shocked at what I saw when I looked in her mouth.  Her big tooth was almost all the way in, behind the baby tooth. 

Dr Ali told Juliana that she needed to wiggle that tooth 100 times, 5 times each day and she had a week to get it out or we needed to come back.  For the first few days Juliana was very nervous about getting her tooth out, then she pulled on it really hard and it hurt.  At that point she decided it would be better if Dr Ali made the tooth come out of her mouth.  So we went back to the dentist…she was so excited…no worries.  She hopped in the chair and was thrilled to select a box to hold her tooth.  After some novocaine gel, Dr Ali popped out the tooth, she was proclaimed their favorite patient for being so good, and we were on our way.

I downloaded a tooth fairy app to her Touch yesterday and before bed we turned on the tooth fairy beacon.  With the tooth on her touch on the bookcase, we were saved the trouble of digging around under her pillow to find the very tiny tooth.  This morning she was amazed that her tooth was gone and in it’s place – $2, play-doh and 3 chocolate coins.

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