Gold Balloons

During the week when we are ready to leave the house, I pop the boys in the stroller, Juliana holds the front door open and we walk to school.  The toddler room for childcare is in the same hallway as the preschool classrooms.  When we reach the toddler room I stop the stroller and hand each of the boys part of their breakfast to carry into the room (incentive to walk into the room instead of taking off down the hallway…which still happens on occasion.)  At this point Juliana either follows us into the toddler room, hangs out in the hallway until I am done, or goes into one of the preschool rooms.

This morning after the boys were settled at the table eating breakfast, I blew kisses and walked back into the hallway, parked the stroller at the end of the hall and set off to find Juliana.  She was sitting on the floor next to her coat hook.  Her coat was hung up, her boots against the wall and her shoes were on, but her backpack was on the floor next to her.  She was in the process of removing everything from her bag.  You never know what you will find in Juliana’s backpack – old papers, a shoe with no match, rings from birthday cupcakes, rocks and sticks that she collects outside, half a waffle left over from breakfast one day…

Today it was quite a collection of items and she was throwing everything on the floor.  I crouched beside her and we had this conversation:

M: What are you looking for?

J: The little thing that I put in this small box and it is gone

M: What was in the box?

J: My gold ??????

M: Gold Balloon?  (thinking I would be able to easily spot a balloon amongst the random items)

J: No, My gold ?????

M: Juliana, I don’t understand, what gold balloon?

J: (in complete exasperation) Mommy, like in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

M: Oh, your gold doubloon (excuse me for not thinking about doubloons at 8:00 am)

I immediately spotted the object of her search a Chuckie Cheese token, aka gold doubloon.  She grabbed it, popped it in the box and ran off to her classroom.  I picked up the remaining backpack items, tossed some old papers in the trash, and said goodbye.

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