I don’t usually buy the single-serving containers of Jello – it’s much  more expensive than buying a box and making it at home.  But we had some in the fridge so I handed a container and spoon to each of the boys after dinner last night and in exchange I was entertained and had a long stretch of time with no whining, crying, throwing, fighting, etc. – it was quiet.

Ruslan dug right in with his spoon and stirred to break up the jello.  He had trouble getting the jello on the spoon in the container, but after a few tries he worked out a system.  1 – dump some jello on the tray, 2- slide the spoon under the jello, 3 – scoop the jello on to the spoon, 4- carefully pick it up and eat.  The process worked and he continued to enjoy the treat.

Wyatt started out with the spoon and made an effort to eat the jello with the spoon, but he quickly figured out that using his hands was faster.  He started with small bites and then moved on to large handfuls. 

Then he tried to speed the process along even more by bringing the container closer to his mouth.  I think he had fun with his jello and after all it is supposed to be a fun food.

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