Wanted: Translator

Wyatt talks a lot, unfortunately most of it doesn’t make any sense.  He will ramble on and on and then look and me for a response, often that response is met by him repeating what he said again…as if it will make more sense to me the second time. 

I received the following story from childcare this week: “It was art time and one of the teacher’s commented what a good job Ruslan was doing, and Wyatt said Bullsh!t.”

Wyatt takes his art time very serious, so I’m not saying that he didn’t feel that way about Ru’s art.  However I think that whatever Wyatt was really saying may have been misunderstood.

He does have plenty of real words that he uses – names for everyone in the family, eat, belly, ball, thank you, please, car, bus, airplane, helicopter, cookie, treat, juice, milk, more, yes, no, dog, kitty, owl, duck, close (as in close door), tree, outside, etc.  But the word he uses most of all buh-bye.  At least 50% of his statements include “buh-bye”.  “Hwej mutn jhye buh-bye jihs mir”.  Many times each day he walks to the door or window, points and says – buh-bye, go buh-bye, buh-bye. 

He loves to ride in the car – completely happy to be buckled in the car seat and just drive around – you don’t even need a destination – he likes to drive around and stare out the window (or out the sunroof – that was a very exciting addition on a recent warm day).

We switched Juliana’s car seat to a high-backed booster a few weeks ago and her old seat is sitting in the front hallway.  Every day when Wyatt gets home he sits down in the car seat and tries to buckle it himself.  A few times I have buckled him and he is so happy.  There is great sadness when I tell him that car seat time is over and it is time to eat.

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