All About Them

When Scott and I bought our current home we didn’t have any children but we were hopeful that we would in the near future.  The rooms in the house needed to be painted so we painted most of them before we moved in.  I selected Juliana’s current room as the one we would use for a nursery and picked out a gender neutral green paint which has been perfect for her room.  The boys’ room was set-up as a guest room with cream paint on the walls and we haven’t done much to their room beyond the matching bedding, curtains and a few accessories.

With three children this move is very different and the priority rooms in the house are all about them.  Instead of neutral colors, we are designing around their ages and personalities – colors and designs selected special for them.  The playroom, bedrooms for the kids and their bathroom – those are the rooms that need to be painted and ready before we can move and we will deal with the rest over time.  

I bought the paint for all of these rooms yesterday.  Here are the names of the paint colors- the names and the colors make me smile: Buzz Blaster Blue, Star Command Blue, Code Red, Fairy Godmother, 100 Acre Morning, Fairytale Pink, Tink Pink and Fairest of Them All.  I am especially excited about the plans for their bedrooms – I think that they are going to be so cute (I may be a little over excited that there will be a little bit of pink paint in the house).  Scott is hard at work implementing the plans and I think that we are all going to love the results.

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