Busy and Making Some Progress

We have been busy getting ready to move, packing and working on the new house.  Scott has worked many hours in the past few weeks – stripping wall paper, prepping walls to paint, cutting trim, tearing apart the kid’s bathroom, and finally starting some finish work in the past few days.

The entire upstairs of the house and a few rooms on the main level are carpeted.  The living room/dining room has hardwood floors and the hallways and my office have parkay flooring.  The hardwood was in bad shape so we had the main floors refinished and the parkay refreshed.  The results are fabulous.

We have made countless trips to Home Depot, sometimes several in one day.  If I have to go on the weekend, the boys come along for the ride.  They are more interested in the riding lawnmowers than anything else and try to convince me to let them out of the cart when we pass that section of the store.

Many rooms in the house look really bad right now.  Primer and test paint on some of the walls, trim and closet doors removed, and the kids bathroom is empty except for the bathtub.  Once the parkay was finished I was able to start setting up my office so that means furniture is set-up and some boxes have been unpacked this week.  Scott finished painting the playroom late Wednesday night and it is so bright and cheerful (anything would be better than the dingy wallpaper). Yesterday I moved a few things including the play rug for the room.  And my Dad brought the kitchen from their house.  Today Juliana came over to see the room and was so excited that it is done and there were some toys in the room already.  She unpacked the dishes and food for the kitchen and put everything away – ready for the boys to come play.


Many of the trees filled with flowers this week – a lovely surprise.


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