Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair

The boys will happily play with anything that she leaves out, that includes all sorts of princess stuff.  Sometimes Juliana “helps” them accessorize and other times they do it on their own.  Wyatt currently loves wearing a hat and found the Belle crown to be irresistible.

Usually the boys get very upset if someone is wearing shoes in the living room.  They demand that they be removed, carry them to the gate and toss them over into the hallway.  At this point they applaud their good work and move on to check for other shoes.  On this occasion, Nonni’s black sling-backs must have been too fancy to throw.  They each put one on and traipsed around the room.  Then Ru had both shoes and Juliana added an accessory – the boa is very coveted in this house.

At childcare some of the little girls were having their hair fixed and Wyatt was insistant that his hair be styled as well.  It might not help that I kept telling them that their hair was so pretty.  When I took the band out of Ru’s hair he questioned, “Pretty?”

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