The Best Thing About the New House

There are a lot of reasons that we are buying a new house.  One of the things I am most looking forward to is the playroom – a room just for toys and wild children – yes, please!

I have the furniture and placement planned for most of the rooms.  One day Scott was asking about one of the couches and if it was going in the playroom.  He seemed surprised when I told him I wasn’t putting any furniture in that room.  1 – The boys climb everything 2 – They have no fear.  They will climb on the back of the couch and bounce up and down, laughing as I run across the room to get them down before they fall to the floor.  I took these pictures this morning during one of their regular climbing sessions. Ru started out by climbing up to the top of the chaise and then sliding over the back to the floor.  Then he advanced to kneeling on top and sliding down…no fear.

The other benefit of a separate room for toys is obvious – the main living room area doesn’t turn into a disaster area every day.  The area pictured below was completely clear when the boys came downstairs today – I took this picture 2 hours after they woke up.  This is normal.  We have lots of toy storage, but one of their favorite games is dump out all of the toy bins…at least it will all be contained in the playroom.

2 comments to The Best Thing About the New House

  • TwinMamaTeb

    best money I ever spent was making the attic the playroom. I can go days without going up there- heck, even just making them go up there for me to shower is worth every penny!

  • I LOVE having a separate playroom. Ours is in the basement so Jack isn’t allowed to play there by himself yet but I love that mist of the toy mess is contained down there.