Wyatt’s Kitty

A few months ago, Wyatt started collecting stuffed animals – old ones that Juliana has discarded and some that the boys have received over time. He will find one that he likes and keep it around for a while and some make it up to his crib. For a while he was attached to dog stuffed animals like this one at childcare.

About a month ago, he found a small stuffed animal that someone gave to Juliana when she was a baby. It is a white lamb with angel wings. Wyatt started to carry it everywhere and even though I called it lambie, the lambs name is officially kitty. Kitty sleeps with Wyatt in his crib and every morning he is standing in his crib with kitty in one hand. I tell Wyatt to say good-bye to kitty and he hugs kitty tight and insists that he can’t leave it in his crib. For the first 15 minutes that Wyatt is downstairs, he will usually hold kitty.

Kitty is small which is not a good feature in an object that needs to be found at bedtime, especially since Wyatt has a habit of hiding kitty.

At night he holds kitty tight and close to his face as he falls asleep. I had to risk waking him with the bright flash one night…too precious an image not to capture.

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