Life with 2 Two-Years Olds

Our days are filled with many highs and lows and you never know when you are going to jump from high to low.  My heart is filled with joy each morning when I scoop Ru out of his crib with my left arm and Wy out if his crib in my right arm.  They both pat me saying Mama, Mommy, over and over while I carry them downstairs.  When I see them playing together I am so happy to know that they will have each other as they grow-up and I hope that they will be best friends (or at least get along more often then they fight). When I snuggle them on my lap after bath and before bedtime, I kiss the tops of their heads and feel so incredibly blessed that they are mine.

I always thought that it was better that I had Juliana before the boys – I was not a nervous mom the second time around.  I knew that babies aren’t as fragile as they look, that they would grow up faster than I could imagine and that I would be able to survive whatever happened in the newborn stage including sleeping and eating issues.

On the other hand I am always comparing the overall experience to the early years with Juliana.  All kids are different and there are two of them to care for this time around, but Juliana was such an easy going baby and toddler and it is sometimes overwhelming keeping up with the boys.  When Juliana was this age, we would come downstairs on the weekend and she would eat breakfast, play and watch the Disney channel.  I could crash on the couch and relax or get things done around the house.  When I needed to take a shower, she would happily sit on my bed and look at books or watch a video.  And now I can’t leave the boys alone for 2 minutes to use the bathroom without the threat of injury.  Juliana had a rocking chair and several other small chairs that we can’t have out for the boys because they will never be used for sitting, only climbing and jumping platforms.  I don’t know if it’s because they are boys or that they have each other to watch and learn from, or if they simply have more wild personalities.  On the rare occasions where only one of them is home, we have very few problems so I think the twin factor is the biggest contributor (trying to get as much of mommy’s attention as possible).

I keep expecting them to out-grow this phase but they continue to lead a fearless existence.  Wednesday evening Ru was running full speed across the room when he slipped and fell hard.  His head landed on a toy and a bruise immediately started to form over his left eye.  He screamed for a while and then went back to reckless running.  Yesterday he and Wyatt were driving their Radio Flyer cars around the room and I was a few feet away packing a bag to leave the house.  I turned around to see that they had picked up their cars and put them on the fireplace hearth.  In the time it took me to run across the room, Ru had hopped on his car and flipped it over onto the floor.  He hit his head in the same spot that was already bruised.  One positive sign – Wyatt watched what happened and carefully placed his car on the floor.  Of course they did try to climb the fireplace again today so I guess it is a slow learning curve.

Disclaimer – Any pictures that I have of them in precarious situations are because the camera was already in my hand at the time, many are taken with my phone that is usually in my pocket.  For example the picture from today of them climbing the fireplace (that we didn’t use this winter) – they insisted that they wear sweatshirts over their pjs and then added hats – I grabbed my camera to capture the silly outfits and they started climbing.  I don’t want anyone to think that I see them doing something like this and I walk away to get my camera.

Here are some wild moments from the past few weeks.  These boys cause my heart to fill with joy and skip a beat on a daily basis.

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