A Horse Named Moo

Wyatt has an assortment of “friends” that he needs to have in his crib at night.  He takes an inventory and requests any that are missing before he will lie down. He usually falls asleep with 2 of them held close to his face. I previously wrote about the lamb he calls kitty.  A few weeks ago he added cookie monster to his must have list followed soon after by Ernie.  I am so happy to have a child who loves some of the original Sesame Street characters.  Of course he adores Elmo and he points at the TV and requests Elmo, but he loves Ernie and Cookie Monster and Big Bird as well.

And now there is a horse.  The horse has been tucked away in the closet since Christmas and Wyatt spotted it after we moved.  He picks it up and says “Moo!”  I tell him that horses say Neigh and he laughs at me and hugs the horse.  At night he asks for Moo before he will go to sleep.  The little lamb looks a bit like a kitty…the horse looks nothing like a cow, but his name is definitely Moo.

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