A Trip to the Dentist

I took the boys the the dentist for their first visit this past Friday. I had a lot of questions asking why we took them since they are only two and most dentists recommend three for the first visit. I asked our dentist when Juliana was a toddler he told us the same thing, bring her in when she is 3. When I finally decided to take her at 4, I ended up taking her to a pediatric dentist. By that point she already had a cavity. I asked our pediatric dentist when I should bring the boys and she said two. They like to see them earlier than a family practice and they are accustomed to working with kids. Juliana loves the office and Dr Ali so I made an appointment for them.

I was very nervous about how they would handle the experience. New people, new place, all sorts of unfamiliar things. I pictured screaming and toddlers clinging to me with their mouths clamped shut. I was especially concerned about Ru given the recent hair cut drama, but he surprised me. My mom went with us for the appt and she walked in with Wy and I had Ru.

Ru liked the hygienist and kept smiling at her and when I put him in the chair he sat and and didn’t fuss when I walked to the end of the chair. He opened his mouth while his teeth were cleaned and flossed, had a fluoride treatment and was examined by the dentist. He was excited to sort through the sticker choices. Of course Dr Ali pointed out the future need for braces if he continues to suck his thumb. She has twins the same age as Juliana and one of them is a thumb sucker and shows no signs of quitting.



I expected Wy to be curious about everything, but he was very nervous. He didn’t want to stay in the chair and only sat when my mom crouched down next to him and held his arm. He survived without crying, but came close at a few points. He walked away with 4 Sesame Street stickers so the visit ended up on a happy note.





We don’t go back again until after Christmas, I wonder what they will remember. I hope that they develop the same positive attitude about trips to the dentist that Juliana has.

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  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Hi Jen – I’m so proud of my boys they did beautifully. Great Grama would have been traumatized. Dan & I were looking at the pictures & I was telling him about when Greg had to have a tooth pulled. He was terrified at the thought so I told him we could do it. Grampa Rohaly always pulled our teeth (we were so poor). He would tie a string around the lower part of the tooth & attach it to a door knob, then slam the door to pull it. Dear God, I’m traumatized when I just think about it. He said, no, but no thanks, he’d go to the dentist. The dentist had to give him gas!. Love, Grama