A Waterful Weekend

So many stories and pictures to share from this weekend filled with water activities.  Juliana fished for the first time while we were docked near Point State Park Sunday afternoon and she caught a good sized fish right away.  There was much excitement in the boat – Juliana jumping up and down, Wyatt was standing next to Juliana and immediately grabbed the fish and then said “eww” and then touched it again, Ruslan came running across the boat yelling “I touch the fish”.  We have spent so much time teaching him to make his hand flat while he pets cats and dogs instead of poking so he basically pet the fish.

Just one highlight from a fun filled weekend!

3 comments to A Waterful Weekend

  • Ellie Connelly

    mmmm yum!!!

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Jen – These are wonderful pictures. You are definitly not a chip off this old block. I would have been afraid to take one child aboard let alone two very active boys. I’m really impressed at the fish Juliana caught, it’s pretty big for her. Some day I’ll have to show her a picture of the fish I caught in Florida. It was huge, in fact I couldn’t reel it in myself, Greg had to help me. I caught the first one on the fishing boat. I had prayed that the Lord would draw one of the fish to my line. They kept coming to me so I had to pray to send it to Greg’s line. Gram

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