Pinterest Inspiration

I completed a small project today in the kitchen based on one of the first ideas I pinned on Pinterest.  In case you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, here is my description.  It is a website (and now an app) where you can keep track of ideas that you find on the internet.  I always find cool ideas or recipes on the web and then can’t remember where I found them.  Pinterest solves that because now I can “pin” the idea later.  Here is a link to my pin boards:

I liked this idea (click here to see the original inspiration) because we have pantry cabinets flanking both sides of the refrigerator and I wanted a spot in the kitchen for lists. There are lots of chalkboard options for the kitchen, but I wanted something hidden that people wouldn’t bump into and smudge the writing.  Then another friend pinned chalkboard paper on Amazon.  While I was on Amazon I also found white board (dry erase) paper. I couldn’t decide between the two options so I ordered both. I decided to use the chalkboard paper on one pantry door and the dry erase on the other.  Since the cabinet doors are never open at the same time and it is difficult to see inside both doors based on the position next to the fridge it isn’t important that they are the same.

The chalkboard paper is Contact brand paper and works exactly as you would expect – cutting lines on the back, very sticky but repositionable, bubbles to smooth out, etc.  The dry erase paper is thicker and was much more difficult to cut – no lines and wouldn’t stay flat.  I ended up using a magnetic mat and ruler to hold it down and cut with an exacto knife.  It was more difficult to cut, but it was much easier to apply.  Because it is thicker, it was easier to lay flat on the vertical surface and air bubbles pressed out as I attached it to the cabinet (I noticed more bubbles in the chalkboard paper in the close-up picture).

I like the contrast of the black with the light colored cabinets, but the white paper looks good as well.  I bought dry erase crayons and I love the way they write on the dry erase paper – smooth and looks nice.  Based on how I like the different papers over time I may switch to one option for both cabinets.  I started 2 lists – one for general groceries and one for Target.  I’m sure this will evolve as we use them.  I suspect one panel will become a menu planning board when I get more organized.

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