Ruslan’s First Haircut

Ruslan got his first haircut Saturday morning.  Technically it was more of a trim – the long pieces on top and the back.  He has more hair then you can see in the pictures, it is white blond like Juliana’s was when she was a toddler. He was not a fan of the process.

He cried the entire time, so it’s a good thing there wasn’t much hair to cut.  Mommy, Mommy – over and over the whole time.  Even when the cape was removed and I picked him up, he still cried for several minutes.  When he found out we were leaving he stopped crying, smiled and waved good-bye.

Wyatt doesn’t smile while getting his haircut, but he sits straight and still the whole time.

After haircuts we walked across the street to the coffee shop for a cookie.

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