Boom Boom – Out Go the Lights

I saw the storm coming on the radar Monday afternoon, but many of the recent storms have gone north of us. Not this one.  The wind gusts started just before 5:00 and I went outside to get the flag before it started to rain. When I walked back in the house my computer screen had connection warnings and then I realized the power was out. I called my parents and asked them to pick food for the kids since I wouldn’t be able to cook and I didn’t want to open the fridge.  I drove to childcare during the heaviest rain, dodging tree branches along the way. The traffic signals were out between here and there; it looked like the power was out for the entire area. The boys were wandering around their classroom and Ru kept pointing at the light switch wondering why the lights were off.  I hung out with them there until the rain started to slow down, even then I was drenched by the time they were both in the van and buckled into their car seats.

My parents drove up as we arrived home and the kids ate their dinner.  Then everyone wandered around with flashlights. Juliana entertained herself with shadow puppets for a while.  Ru was fascinated with the light – shining it on his face and in his mouth and just happy to have it (not so happy he couldn’t take it to bed). Juliana found some random paper and pretended that it was her song book for Christmas caroling and we were treated to some loud singing of random songs – some familiar, others clearly original tunes.


The boys were not happy that the ceiling fan wasn’t on in their room at bedtime, fortunately the white noise machine can run on batteries so they had the normal background noise.

Juliana, my mom and I went out to dinner and brought food back for Scott and my dad – they were working on a project from the long post move to-do list – couldn’t let a silly power outage stop this week’s scheduled project…

It was late when Juliana finally went to bed.  We went to her room and she turned the switch on each of the lamps in her room, surprised that they didn’t work…even though she was carrying a flashlight.  She complained about the heat but eventually settled in her bed. A few minutes later she came to tell me that her Nintendo DS wasn’t working.  I looked and told her that the battery was dead and she proceeded to ask if there was a plug near her bed so she could charge it…and another discussion about what it means when the power is out.

Heat plus no moving air means crappy sleep for me.  My biggest fear was that the kid’s school would not have power by morning and be closed for the day.  Our power was restored at 2:00 am and I was once again thankful for AC and the fan running in the background to lull me to sleep.

3 comments to Boom Boom – Out Go the Lights

  • Holy Cow! Your power was out forever! Sounds like everyone was a trooper and made the best of it.

  • Sarah

    You are really never thankful for all the things that require power until you don’t have it. God bless all those people by me who haven’t had power since Monday morning. Reports this morning said that 90% should be restored by midnight tonight.

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Jen – We had a storm like that day before yesterday. It came so quickly but also left almost as fast. A tornado touched down at the airport, touched down on empty spot, lifted quickly & gone just that fast, no damage. A USAir plane was ready to take off & quickly taxied safely back to the terminal. Also, 3 water spouts touched down on the lake & a man in Milcreek was struck by lightning. We didn’t lose power but the lightning & thunder were BAD. Our dogs were terrified. In fact there have been several storms this summer & you just can’t explain to them what’s happening. Grama Julie