Happy 40th Birthday Scott

I couldn’t let this milestone birthday pass without a little trip down memory land.  Enjoy the classic 70’s pictures, followed by the teen years, a few from his twenties and finally our current family in his thirties.

3 comments to Happy 40th Birthday Scott

  • Sarah

    OMG thanks for sharing, Jen. Of course my favorites are the teen years – great ear ring, shades at prom and the very studious shot that I assume was a senior picture. Baaah! Welcome to your 40s, Scott!

  • I don’t know what’s scarier, scott holding a weapon or looking like he’s a lawyer reading a book :)

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Nice pictures Scott. Now that I see your younger pictures I see a definite resemblance in Juliana. Hope you had a great Birthday, Jen has a way of making everything spectacular. A belated happy birthday & a prayer that the Lord will keep his wonderful guiding hand on you always & shower you with many blessings of all good things. Love, Grama Julie