Keeping Up with Two

Recently the boys are playing together for longer stretches of time without fighting. Those moments make me so happy and I hope it is a sign of good things to come as they get older. 


Playing nice turns to trouble so quickly. I grabbed the camera while they were playing nice to capture the moment and Ruslan pushed Wyatt, Wyatt tried to bite Ru, Ru tried to bite Wy and then leaned back on him (the time span on this pictures is only a few seconds).




They are mischievous. For example when Ru took Juliana’s DS and hid under the kitchen table with it – even when he bumped his head he wouldn’t give it to me.


They understand the idea of taking turns and whenever someone is doing something that they want to do, they come running and yell “my turn, my turn, my turn, my turn!” Sometimes I use this to my advantage.  This morning I dressed Ru and Wyatt ran to hide in the corner of their room next to his crib because he didn’t want to get dressed.  I told Ru he was all done and it was Wyatt’s turn.  Wyatt came running yelling “my turn” and I scooped him up to change him.  He was very mad that he had been tricked into getting dressed.

Both boys like to “hulp mommy”.  I call Ru my little strong man because he loves to help carry stuff, even if it is as big as he is. They like to help close doors and throw things away and  I usually ask them for help when they need to be distracted from something else or when they are insisting that I carry them. Unfortunately their favorite time to hulp mommy is in the bathroom.  No matter how quietly I sneak to the powder room, I hear Ru running after me yelling “I hulp mommy”.  He follows me in, closes the door and sits on the step stool until it is time to wash hands. Wyatt has usually joined by this point and we all wash hands which includes lots of turning the water on and off and some splashing. Wyatt loves to hulp mommy by carrying the car keys, however he does not like to return them when it is time for me to drive. Some mornings the price of getting Wyatt to the car is him crying all the way to childcare because I took my keys.


But every once in a while I can get them to walk together to the van and hold hands.


5 comments to Keeping Up with Two

  • That last picture is teh precious! I hear you on siblings. My girls can start a riot in the back seat in 15 seconds over something stupid. I try to distract them with a song or a joke or their baby brother (i.e. “Flora check on Michael!”) Mileage varies!

  • I love the last picture! It is so adorable! There is just something about two little kids holding hands that melts my heart!

  • Sarah

    I just love them! You are so right about how quickly things can take a turn. Give ’em a hug and kiss for me!

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Dear Jen – I’ve always loved all the pictures but they’re getting better all the time. They are so REAL. These pictures are anointed, or it it the picture taker! The children are all so beautiful. What a treasure for them to some day look back at…….and for you too ‘cuz they do grow up & leave you. I’d really love to hear the boys talk & that is a precious picture of Juliana with her face painted. Love you, Grama Julie

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach


    P.S. Did that “they do grow up & leave you” make you cry?…..because it did me.