My Name is Jennifer and I am a Scrapbooker

When you picture a scrapbooker do you imagine a crazy mom wielding a glue stick and decorative scissors?  Or do you picture a family historian preserving today’s memories for the future? If you look at my books you won’t find pages of chronological events – the same holidays and birthdays year after year. Instead I have pages that focus on moments, highlight a story or a favorite picture.  I am just as likely to work on a project that involves pictures from last year as a genealogy focused project with pictures of my Great-Grandparents. Some of my favorite books include:

1 – Juliana’s baby book – my pregancy through her first birthday including all of her milestones in that first year.  I didn’t even start the book until she was almost 2. Sleepless nights and adjusting to a child in the house completely crushed my creative energy.  I am in the same boat now with the books for the boys, but I have notes set aside for their books and all of their photos tagged for the project when I do start it. I am finally starting to feel my creative abilities come back.

2 – My first year with Scott – from first date through our wedding – the story of how we met, our engagement, and other milestones along the way.

3 – Honeymoon in Italy – all of the places we stayed, the odd foods that we ate, and what it felt like to sit quietly in St Peter’s Basilica (amazing). Looking at those pictures and reading the stories I wrote in a journal on that trip and later transferred to the pages take me back to that once in a lifetime trip.

4 – Juliana’s 2nd year – I wanted to capture that crazy year where she transitioned from a baby to a little person. It is a very simple book – ABCs of the year featuring my favorite personality photos and pictures of her doing her favorite things. A is for attitude, B is for bubbles, C is for cheesy (smile), etc. I have started the process to create similar books for the boys.

One of my very favorite books is my Week in the Life Book. It features the everyday happenings of a typical week for our family – the week of March 26 – April 1, 2007. I completed it as part of a class taught by Ali Edwards. Ali has updated and repeated the book several times since then using her blog as a platform to explain the process.  The book includes a daily gratitude list, receipts from shopping, a picture that includes me for each day (there are probably more pictures with me in them from that week than the rest of the year), daycare forms, work e-mails, etc. Ordinary stuff that tells a story – our lives are so different now then they were 4 years ago – a record of how we lived a normal week. I would love to know how my Grandma Julie spent a typical week with a house of 4 children or how my Grandma Lois balanced being an OR nurse with twins and a child 14 months younger.

So next week I am repeating Week in the Life. While my 2007 book  is paper, my 2011 book will be completely digital (pages created using Photoshop Elements). If you are interested in learning more, here is a link to lots of Week in the Life information and information specific to this year. I am looking forward to the process of taking hundreds of pictures of our normal routine, the places we go, the people we see, the things that we love right now.  One week, a snapshot in time, a small part of our family story.

2 comments to My Name is Jennifer and I am a Scrapbooker

  • Sarah

    What treasures you have created! Your honeymoon in Italy was fantastic, but made even better because we got to share some good food and wine. Good luck next week – I can’t wait to see the difference between the two weeks. It will prove that you are even more wonderful as the years go by! Hugs to you!

  • Summer

    I might just have to do this… Since I have 4 days to get ready… My camera is quite awful though, but it has done fine with producing other 8.5×10 photo books in the past… So if you remember, remind me with a tweet… LOL I’m awful with planning and execution these days…