Our 7th Anniversary

This isn’t the blog post I planned to write today for our 7th Wedding Anniversary. But this has not been a normal week.

When I wrote about the U2 concert earlier this week, I mentioned it was the first time Scott and I went to a concert together. When I was 18-wk pregnant with Juliana, we had tickets to attend a concert.  The night before the show Scott woke me up at 2:00 am in pain. We went to the ER and his appendix was removed a few hours later. Obviously those tickets went unused and that is the last time we attempted to go to a concert together.

I thought we were in the clear this time; the concert came and went without incident.  At 2:15 am this morning Scott woke me up in obvious pain and he insisted that he had a kidney stone and needed to go to the ER.  I called my mom to come stay with the boys. Juliana was at her house so she had to bring her along as well. Juliana looked confused coming home in the middle of the night while we were leaving the house.

Scott was quickly triaged and moved to an exam room. The patients who checked in just before and after him also had kidney stones. An IV and some drugs and the pain started to drift away. By the time they took him for his CT scan the stone had passed to his badder so he worst was over.  At 7:30 am we left the hospital and headed home. Scott was able to sleep most of the day and with some help from my Mom and Scott’s parents I was able to get a little rest as well. 

As I was driving Scott to the hospital I wished him Happy Anniversary.   Our date night plans were scrapped for tonight and replaced with alone time in the ER. I don’t think we will be tempting fate with a concert again any time soon.

5 comments to Our 7th Anniversary

  • Oh my goodness!!! Seriously what are the odds?!

    Cutie picture!

  • p.s Happy Anniversary. 😉

  • Worthy Evans

    I suffered a kidney stone a few weeks ago. It’s so fun. Happy Anniversary, you kids!

  • Sarah

    Good Gravy! Certainly not what I thought was happening for you today when I posted my earlier message. Glad he is feeling better, but seriously he needs to come up with something super special! Hugs to you both!!

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Jennifer – my darling – a belated very happy anniversary to you both. I’m so sorry about Scott’s illnesses – I had never heard. Tell him that will be enough of that. Lord bless him with really good health from now on, AMEN. By the way, Alyssa get’s the kidney gravel & we rushed her down a couple years ago. They say it is a terrible pain & I hope I never find out for myself. Does Scott like cherries. They are supposed to be wonderful for the kidneys & the sweet black ones are in now. Grampa Ray bought them for me on my honeymoon in NYCity. I am passionate about them – very expensive! Love you. Take care. Grama

    P.S. Tell Juliana she better hide that jewel next time I visit!