Our First Boat Adventure of the Weekend

I have always wanted to go on the duck boat tour of Pittsburgh – land and water in the same vehicle – what’s not to love! When some other friends expressed similar feelings we made plans.  Juliana was very excited about our plan as well. We met for our reservation and boarded Miss Sliberty for our journey.

The ride was filled with lots of interesting facts about Pittsburgh and tons of bad jokes – part of the charm.  We drove around town and caught our reflection in one of the PPG buildings as we passed.

We drove to the Mon Wharf and into the water.  Juliana stared over the edge into the water and then turned to me and whispered as she asked if the river was salt water.  I told her it was not.  She was relieved and told me we would not get eaten by sharks if the boat sank.

 All of the children on the boat were given the chance to drive while we were in the river. 


After we docked at Station Square, the kids ran toward the fountain.  It was overcast and not very hot so I was surprised when Juliana started getting wet and didn’t complain.  She did run to me on several occasions and dry her face on my shirt, but most of the time she was splashing and running and playing in puddles.


When the fountain was quiet she would occasionally pause to watch the water and then hop right back in the stream when it picked up again.


She was drenched when we were done and I did not have a change of clothes for her.  For once I was happy for the odd assortment of items in the trunk of Scott’s car.  There was a clean towel and a clean t-shirt.  I put the towel on the car seat and slipped the dry shirt over her head and removed the wet clothes.  As she climbed into the car she told me how much fun she had playing in the fountain – sometimes the spontaneous fun is better than the long-awaited plan.


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