What is She Thinking

Her mind is always working, thinking up questions to ask and odd topics to bring up out of the blue. She sees or hears something and her mind runs with it.

She was playing at my parents’ house this weekend and my mom was watching her from the door.  When she went outside Juliana was quiet and then asked a question.

J: Nonni are you mad at me?
N: No I’m not mad
J: Well when I saw you watching me I thought that your face looked mad
N: Don’t worry, I would tell you if I was mad
J: That’s good…(several minutes later)…sometimes when I worry it makes me want to run away

So tonight I talked to her and asked her if she is worried about anything. 
Her response: “I am worried that there is going to be a space storm filled with lights that is so big that it destroys the Earth.”
That is not what I was expecting. We talked about things that we can control and that it’s important to talk to a parent when you are worried about something.


While I was eating dinner tonight she told me that she wanted some chicken.  Then she realized it was chicken wings.

J: Mommy, I don’t like that kind of chicken, I only like the chicken that is big (from Rotisserie chicken).
M: This chicken tastes the same
J: No, I don’t want it. Can I have a pancake?
J: Mommy, what kind of animal is that bone?
M: You know that this is chicken so it’s a chicken bone
J: Why do we eat such beautiful animals? (Said with such drama that I had trouble keeping a straight face)
M: What do you think that we should eat instead?
J: Cereal, roast beef
M: Roast beef is an animal (plus she doesn’t even like roast beef)
J: Oh, well how about steak?
M: Steak also comes from an animal
J: OK, just steak because it tastes really good


And on the lighter side…Juliana has lots of questions about Kindergarten but most of all she is concerned about reading. She can read if she focuses, but she tries to guess what the sentence says instead of reading the words. So we are practicing and she gets frustrated.

One day she shouted that she couldn’t go to Kindergarten because she can’t read. I told her that she didn’t have to know how to read and school was for her to learn lots of things including how to read. I said that reading is exciting and how she would be able to read books and all of the words that she sees during the day. My mom piped up and told her that when you can read you can learn to do Anything! Juliana thought for a moment and burst out – “Can I Learn How to Fly?” Neither one of us could respond because we were laughing so hard.

The next week, she was at my parents’ house and my Dad had climbed a ladder to fix something on the outside of the house. Juliana looked out the window, saw him and yelled, “Is G Flying?”

So she is fascinated with people being able to fly.

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