Playing Catch

Ruslan has discovered the joy of playing catch.  He loves to throw and he has some catching skills as well.  He prefers playing catch to watching TV or any other sedentary activity and he can throw the ball with distance and accuracy.  We have been practicing rolling skills especially in the house, but he would rather launch the ball at my head when I am not paying attention or when I have the camera in front of my face.



Wyatt finally decided to join in the fun.  This is where I get really excited about them playing together and keeping each other entertained and being best friends…or at least playing together without fighting over the toy. Ru thinks that it is fun to occasionally run off with the ball and hide it and Wy gets distracted if the TV is on and sometimes gets hit with the ball while looking the other direction.  Short bursts of playing a game together – I love it!


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