Random Happenings

Rather than adding a bunch of short posts to the site, here are some recent favorite pictures and the short stories associated with them.

I asked Juliana to stand with her brothers for a picture and she grabbed their collars to try to get them to stay.

Juliana loved to fill the shopping cart with pretend food and baby dolls. The boys use it as storage for cars and trucks.

When my parents have the kids my Dad usually takes lots of pictures of their outing. I guess I set my expectations too high for the pictures I would see after my parents took the boys to the zoo yesterday.

Recently I have been setting the auto-timer on the camera to capture pictures of some of the daily things that I do with the kids. I love looking at the pictures later because you never know quite what to expect especially when toddlers are involved.

Juliana is obsessed with playing board games and the current favorite is Monopoly Jr. It’s her favorite because she always wins.

Cute little lion face!

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