Almost Perfect

If Juliana isn’t talking then she is usually singing. Bits of music she hears on the radio in the car or on the bus – usually a few words match the song and the rest are made up (some of the musical combinations are very funny). One song that she comes back to on a regular basis is the Selena Gomez (or Selena Gomax as Juliana calls her) song “Who Says”.  The chorus includes the lines: “Who says, who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not worth it?” and goes on and on with similar statements.

She was singing it last night and I asked her what the song was about to see if she understood the meaning. She told me that it meant that she was perfect just the way she is and she doesn’t need to be anyone else. As I was agreeing with her, she interrupted to tell me that there is one thing that she wants to change.

“Mommy (heavy sigh) I really wish that I could be a mermaid.” She quickly added that she wants to be able to turn back into a human so she can come and see me all the time; she was worried that I would miss her too much. And then she continued on with her story of living on land and in the sea…


4 comments to Almost Perfect

  • Tricia Menges

    My sister wanted to be a mermaid too. She wouldn’t let my mom cut her hair because she knew mermaids always had long hair. My brother wanted to be a drummer in a rock band. I, however, had the best choice of careers. I wanted to be a “Christmas elf”. My mom had her hands full to be sure.

    Sadly, my sister cut her hair (thus she is not a mermaid). My brother figured out he has no rhythm. So, I’m the only one who succeeded in their career choice. While I admit I’m taller than most, the desire to be a “christmas elf” lives on. (I just do it in the disguise of a Grandma.)

  • She and my daughter Emma can be friends. . . she wanted to be an elf. The correlation is that in Wizards of Waverly Place (Starring Selena Gomez) Alex and Justin become involved with an elf, but don’t realize it until later when that fact explains how they magically became friends with her. In Wizards of Waverly Place world. . . everyone likes elves. So Emma wanted to be one.

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    I can’t remember ever wanting to be a mermaid but she does have quite an imagination. She just might get that from me.

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    I know she gets that ‘singing around the house all the time’ from me. I always said God gave me a singing heart & she must have a singing heart too. I wish I could be around her more to hear her. Her little songs must make everybody happy.