Ending the Week with a Smile

The last 8 days have been hard and I have continued to work and try to keep life as normal as possible for everyone. Yesterday my body said enough and a bad headache and other miserable feelings put me in bed for the night at 7:30. Today I woke up and decided that I needed to enjoy some of my day so I made arrangements to take the afternoon off. I worked to meet some deadlines this morning and at 12:00 I walked away from my computer and the house. I picked up my mom and we went to lunch and then shopped the remainder of the afternoon. We purchased fabric that will be used to make skits at Juliana’s birthday party – we started with a few options to make a sample and determine what we will need for the party.

I needed to buy¬†2T clothes for the boys because the 3T stuff is still a little bit big. They have some 2T options remaining from last winter but not enough. And we looked in several stores for hats for the boys. Wyatt loves to wear hats but his head has outgrown all of the ones we have and he gets really mad that they won’t stay on his head. I wanted to find baseball caps for them, but couldn’t find any toddler sizes. I found some fun hats and they were a big hit tonight. I gave them to the boys after dinner and while Wyatt was busy building block towers with my Dad, Ru and I went for a walk. He played with leaves and had a grand time – such a difference from our walks earlier in the week when I carried him and he buried his head on my shoulder. When we returned home Wyatt was outside and ran to see us and then the two of them ran wild in the yard before it was time to get ready for bed and hang up their hats for the night. Today was a good day.

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