Monday Ru Update

It was a long weekend for Ru – he was generally sad and not his usual busy self. He wanted my mom or I to hold him most of the time and was happiest when we carried him on a walk down the street. He constantly asked to go outside and even though he is heavy to hold for a long time we carried him around a lot…anything to avoid sad Ru. We worked to come up with distractions to keep his mind off his arm. We were surprised that he hasn’t played with his bandages at all, but it makes sense when you realize that he associates those bandages with pain. He points at it and says “my boo-boo”, “arm hurts” and cries. As soon as we sit down to change his bandages he starts saying, no over and over. Then he lays his head on my chest and cries. Scott and I are generally a wreck when we finish the process – it isn’t getting any easier.

This morning as I was getting Juliana out the door for the bus I could hear him crying and yelling mama. I dressed both of the boys, gave Ru some medicine and got ready to take Wyatt to daycare. Ru started crying when I left and apparently cried the whole time I was gone – of course the second I walked in the door and was holding him the tears shut off. We changed his bandage and noticed that a huge section of skin on his arm had loosened overnight. Since his Dr appt was in a few hours we left it alone, applied a fresh coat of cream and bandaged it. I tried to convince him to eat but he had no interest, he hasn’t eaten much in the past few days – so unlike Ru.

He was so sad, I took him for a walk. I carried him up the block and back and as we neared our house he settled on my shoulder and relaxed. I sat down at my desk to work and he rested against me. About 30 minutes later I asked him if he wanted to eat and he answered with an enthusiastic “uh-huh”. We agreed on fruit loops and banana and he happily sat down to eat.

He even played peek-a-boo for a few minutes.

He didn’t eat a lot, but he drank a bunch of milk and his mood was improved. He spent quite a while pulling out all of the bottled beverages and arranging them on the kitchen floor.

Then he moved on to blocks and then emptied some of the shelves in my office. Making messes is what Ru does best, I was happy to see him acting more like himself. I put him in bed for an early nap and he went right to sleep. I woke him up and gave him a dose of the strong pain medicine before we left the house for the Dr. We brought a blankie and puppy with us. Ru was happy to be going bye-bye.

I was worried that he would cry as soon as we reached the Dr after the difficult visit last week, but he didn’t. He was calm and snuggled on my lap until it was time to remove the bandage. The Dr washed his arm and removed lots of dead skin in the process. Ru cried while I tried to smile and reassure him that he would be ok and we were almost done. Based on some of what was uncovered today on his arm and the location of the burn we made an appt to go to the West Penn burn clinic this week. There are some patches that have started to heal, that was some good news and I am praying for more good news later this week about what we can expect long term. I will post another update after our burn clinic appt.

Today was a much better day overall. He cried far less during the day and on several occasions he played without me at his side. This evening he and Wyatt chased my Dad in the front yard and otherwise ran wild. It made me smile to see my boys playing together and see Ru acting like himself.



4 comments to Monday Ru Update

  • Dudders

    Poor guy! I hope he continues to feel better and that you receive more good news. Big hugs for you and Scott!

  • I’m glad that he is starting to act a little more like himself. Good luck at the Burn Center tomorrow. Big hugs to all of you!

  • Tricia Menges

    I was so happy to hear things seem to be improving for Ru. I know how hard it is when your kids hurt, but you’re a good mommy and doing all the right things.

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    JEN – Wow, my spirits were lifted high after I saw these action pictures. I know they can’t have smiles on their faces all the time but Lord, please most of the time. Jen, I’ve got my prayer people praying for Ru & I’m praying for you & Scott for the strength & peace you need much more of at this time. You know this scripture brought me through many years of serious problems & it really works. I have so many favorite ones but I’ve used this one so much that it has to be my most favorite. I’ll share it with you – I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS WHO STRENGTHENS ME. Love you all, Grama