New Hats

My Dad found toddler-sized Steelers hats for the boys last week and even bought a matching one for himself. My Dad wears a baseball cap whenever he is driving or outside and has an assortmentĀ of Steelers and Penguins hats. Wyatt likes to takeĀ the hats and wear them so he thought it was cool that he has one that is the same as G. He wore the hat until it was time for bed and then hung it up on the closet door until morning.

Ruslan liked his Steelers hat as well and wore it for a while. Then he went upstairs to play with Juliana and decided that the Tinkerbell option was much nicer.

3 comments to New Hats

  • It takes a strong man to pull off the tinkerbell look.

  • Sarah

    Awesome – reminded me of Will always dressing in Grace’s gowns. :)

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Wyatt looks so cute in his hats. He must take after his Uncle Greg. Greg always has caps on & has a bunch of Steeler caps. In fact Uncle Mike (his godfather) sent him another Steeler hat last Christmas. I wore my Steeler shirt yesterday but it didn’t help them to win – as usual we didn’t get the game because of the Buffalo Bills. Now, I really like the Tinkerbell adornment – that’s right up my alley especially with the lavender flower. Grama Julie