Twins – Growing Up with a Constant Companion

The boys spend the majority of the time together. They wake-up in the morning and yell at each other and talk back and forth until I come to get them and at night they try to outdo each other by yelling the loudest and jumping the highest¬†in their cribs (at least that’s what it sounds like most nights before they go to sleep). More often than not they are together during the day and sometimes they get along and other times they fight. One of them will make up a game and the other will jump right in to play along. And they love to tell each other No. “No Ru-Ru, Bad!”¬† Imagine when they understand how to tell on each other.

They play in the rocks together.

They throw rocks at each other – Ru throws hard and with amazing accuracy. Playing catch with Ru means paying attention every minute or you will get hit in the head.

They play cars together.

They eat together.

They hide together.

They relax together.

And they even take baths together.


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