Update on Ru

Thank you for your support and prayers for Ruslan – we appreciate it so much!

He is such an amazing, tough little guy. He sits and holds his arm out when we change the dressings twice a day and doesn’t cry even though I can feel his body tensing in my arms. The bright redness at the top and bottom of his arm is starting to fade, however the worst area just above and below his elbow still looks really bad. I know it has only been 48 hours since it happened, I just want my little boy to be better and not in pain.

You don’t have to spend much time with Ru to find out that he never stops moving – he is very busy. Running through the house, throwing and kicking balls, climbing, riding one of the bumper cars, pushing the shopping cart around in circles…that is the norm for him. Yesterday he wanted to be held most of the day or have my mom or I within reach at every moment. My parents spent most of the day here and I worked with occasional breaks to hold him for a few minutes. He was happiest if he was outside or sitting by the front door watching for buses.

At some point this week the Mega Rescuers book made it out of Juliana’s room – it’s a big book filled with pictures and descriptions of rescue vehicles and was one of Juliana’s favorites when she was a toddler. Ru found many opportunities yesterday for people to read it to him.

My dad provided some entertainment for him by doing some tree trimming.

Right at nap time our grass was being cut so we let him stay up to watch – he was captivated and yet so sleepy.


Waiting for Juliana’s bus was one of the highlights of the day. He asked about her and Wyatt throughout the day.

Other than being ultra-clingy and not eating much he seems to be doing ok. We are giving him pain medication at regular intervals to minimize his discomfort. He isn’t fighting the medicine or trying to remove the bandage from his arm. We talk about taking care of his arm so it will be all better and he nods in agreement. I think he is stronger than the adults. We go back to the Dr on Monday, hopefully his arm continues to improve between now and then.

3 comments to Update on Ru

  • Tricia Menges

    My heart hurts when I think about Ru. But at least you have your folks to help you through. I couldn’t help but think about Heather seeing Brenner with his chest open and 14 machines keeping him alive… and she had to go through it all alone. (With Steve of course, but no other family to help). I’m so glad you have back up. He’s in my prayers.

  • TwinMamaTeb

    What a trooper…continued thoughts & prayers for him.

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Oh Jen, I feel so bad about Russy – I didn’t even know. Your mom just called this evening so I crawled out of bed to read up on my baby. You know, your dad sends me pictures so regularly of all the happenings that I just don’t even think of looking at the blog – sorry. I most certainly will be praying for him. Could you please give him about 7 hugs & kisses from his G grama. Jen, you know my Greg was always getting hurt & spent a lot of time in the E.R. Today I think they’d put me in prison for neglect! Anyway, I soon got into the habit of asking the Lord to watch over him while he was gone during the day or even out of my sight. A little extra prayer goes a long way. This wasn’t his fault but a little extra protection when he’s not at home. Everybody doesn’t take as good care of children as y’all do. Of course when you were here at the beach I was continually watching them – one, two, three – one, two, three. I keep wondering how fast I could have run from my chair to the water but I saw you, your mom and dad – a guardian on each one. You are lucky to have such willing, helpful parents, not too many like that. I love you honey, keep peaceful, I know it probably hurts you more than it does Russy. The Lord will heal him, I know he will. When Lissy was a baby Cindy warmed a bottle during the night & while testing it the paper broke open and spilled on her whole lower leg. It looked awful & we were all distraught over it but I know I did some tall praying & she has absolutely no scars on her leg today. I’m trying to remember, it’s been twenty some years but after the soreness was healed someone from my prayer group told me to get something from the drugstore to put on it each day, I think it was like a pure oil of Vitamin E. You might look into it if you think it’s a good idea. Again, Love ya & may the Lord bless you & all of yours. GRAM