A Weekday Visit to the Pumpkin Farm

We make it the Fall Festival at Schramm’s Farm once each year to pick pumpkins and enjoy some of the other festival events.  In the past we have always gone on a Saturday or Sunday. The month of October is always very busy and I realized we didn’t have a weekend available to make the outing. So I look at the weather forecast for the week and Monday looked like the best day and it was sunny and warm.  I picked up the boys early and arrived home with them just as Juliana’s bus pulled up. A change of clothes and boots for everyone and we headed out to the farm.

Since it wasn’t crowded we could let the kids run ahead and explore without losing sight of them. They wandered, ran, tried to pick-up very big pumpkins, and climbed on the hay bales.

We walked over to the area with the small pumpkins and Wyatt immediately found one and proclaimed “my pumpkin” and hugged it. His pumpkin didn’t have a stem which meant that it was a ball. And he promptly threw it and it landed right in front of me where I was crouched to the ground with the camera in front of my face.

Ruslan came running and started to pick-up some, yelling “I have two pumpkins!”

All of the festival events were not open since it was a weekday. Wyatt was devastated that the hayride wasn’t open.

Many of the festival events are open from 4-7 pm on weekdays. We never wait in the normally long line to ride the pony. Since it was a weekday, there was no waiting. I knew that Juliana would happily ride and was shocked that both boys were excited to ride as well (I expected them to freak out and change their minds when it was their turn).

It was a beautiful evening, the kids had fun, it wasn’t crowded, and we came home with a bunch of pumpkins. A succesful trip to the farm.

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