Celebrating Six

Juliana’s birthday celebration was spread over several days. We let her open the present from Uncle Nick Thursday night so she could take her new doll for show-and-tell on her birthday.  She loved it!

She was very excited to wake-up and start her birthday Friday morning especially when she found balloons and a present waiting for her downstairs.

I went to her Kindergarten class in the afternoon and brought cupcakes and then took her home.

She had a very difficult time waiting to open presents so Nonni and G brought some over for her to open before dinner.

Then it was time to wait some more and there were moments that she proclaimed it the worst birthday ever because she shouldn’t have to wait to open presents or eat dinner or follow any of the other rules since it was her birthday… Eventually we sang Happy Birthday and the boys ate cupcakes. And then it was time for her to open presents from Mommy and Daddy. She was very excited to get her scooter!

Her party with her friends was Saturday afternoon and she looked so pretty! All of the girls had their hair styled and nails painted. There were balloons and presents and cake and an ice cream sundae bar and lots of little girls running and having a good time.

We came home from the party and unloaded the cars and I opened one of her presents and she went to her room to play quietly for a little while.




Once the boys were in bed for the night we went through all of the presents from her party and opened lots of Barbies and other toys. She was so happy to be able to play with her new toys and hang out with mommy and wind down from days of celebration.

2 comments to Celebrating Six

  • NICE!!! She’s full on princessed out!

    6 is an awesome age.

  • Sarah

    I think there are a few more princess dresses available for her wardrobe changes. Looks like she got some good loot! Her hair was darling. I hope the outing at the salon was a success.