My Kids Will Trade Anything for a Donut

Allday yesterday Juliana insisted that it was her Sunday to go to church with my parents. We had decided that it was Ruslan’s turn to go this week and she was not happy. We asked her why she wanted to go to church and she replied that G (my dad) buys a chocolate donut with sprinkles for her to eat on Sunday mornings. G said that he would bring a donut for her when he picked up Ruslan – she was amazed that she could have a donut without going to church.

Wyatt loves G and always wants to go bye-bye with him. When Wyatt is really upset sometimes G takes him on a quick errand to cheer him up. As much as Wyatt loves going bye-bye in general, bye-bye with G is an entirely different level of love. Bye-bye with mommy usually equals the grocery store or drop-off at school. Bye-bye with G often involves looking at big trucks and buying ice cream or another treat.

I expected Wyatt to flip out when G arrived to pick-up Ruslan this morning and I told Juliana to distract him. There was no distracting him when Ruslan started jumping up and down at the door yelling “Bye-Bye with G!” G picked up Ruslan and handed me a bag from Dunkin Donuts and told Wyatt there was a donut for him. Ruslan and G left and Wyatt and Juliana ran to the kitchen table to eat their donuts. There was no drama and everyone was happy.

3 comments to My Kids Will Trade Anything for a Donut

  • Nobody ever brings me donuts. The picture of Juliana smiling and running to the camera made me laugh, because I pictured it in the context of her excitement to see donuts.

  • Donuts make everything better!

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Gee, I wish I lived close so I could bring them homemade cookies. They’d probably like me more than their grampa. The poor other grampa doesn’t have a chance! Great Grama Julie