Progress at the House

When we bought this house it came with a long list of projects. The previous owners did very little maintenance during the time they owned it and then it sat vacant for 2 years before we purchased it in the spring. We accomplished quite a bit between closing and moving in but there were a lot of unfinished projects. Projects that continued to linger throughout the summer. Over the past┬ámonth we have managed to cross more tasks off the list. Last week Scott and my dad replaced 24 recessed lights in the house. The previous ones were not able to be in contact with insulation which means that the attic of the house and the crawl space over the side of the house – almost no insulation. Opening electric bills this summer was incredibly painful. Now that the recessed lights are replaced we can have the attic completely insulated – that will happen within the next month.

We purchased new lights for the front of the house when we moved in. Only one of the three worked and we needed light by the front door. For the past 5 months we have had one new light and one old light by the front door and one non-functioning old light by the side door. This past weekend my dad replaced the other 2 lights and we now have 3 matching lights that work out front.


The overall landscaping hasn’t changed too much. Lots of dead branches have been removed and sections of trees that were hanging over the house have been cut back. There were a few sections of the front shrubs that had been allowed to grow much taller than the rest. Those were cut back to the same level and now we can see the front yard from the windows instead of looking out at a shrub.

Next spring we will make some changes, plant some flowers and make other updates to the front of the house. This year we watched to see what would happen throughout the summer – where would flowers pop up, which trees would flower and what would happen to the tall grass like stuff along the sidewalk.

My mother-in-law promised me that there would eventually be┬áday lilies and she was right. They were pretty while they were here but they arrived well into the summer and didn’t last as long as I had hoped. The majority of the year that section of the yard isn’t very pretty.

So this is what the front yard looks like now, next year we will make more progress.

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