Ruslan 2.5

A glimpse into the world of Ruslan at 2-1/2 years old.

He narrates life, describing what he is doing and everything that is happening around him – Mommy driving, Wyatt crying, Ruslan screaming, etc. I fear another child who talks continuously. Since he likes to talk so much I ask him to repeat long words and silly phrases for my entertainment – he happily repeats what I say and I giggle and he says mommy laughing…

Everything belongs to Ruslan. The van – “this is mah car”, all of the toys – “this is mah toy”, “this is mah mommy”, “this is mah Wyatt”, on and on. He is also quick to point out when Wyatt is doing something wrong as in “Wyatt NO, BAD! No touch!” when Wyatt shuts the lights off while I am getting Ru dressed.

Of my three children he eats the widest variety of food and loves vegetables. When we go to Eat-n-Park he has salad bar for dinner and happily eats lettuce, cut-up veggies, shredded cheese, black beans, etc. He has no fear of trying new foods and likes almost everything, olives are a recent exception. He will eat and eat (shoving food in by the handful) until he is suddenly done. At the moment he decides to be done eating, if there is food in his mouth he simply opens his mouth and lets it spill out so it is good to pay attention and be ready with a napkin.

Ruslan continues to live life at full speed – climbing and falling along the way. In the past month we have been to urgent care for an elbow injury (nursemaids elbow), he fell on the driveway and scraped his face, he took a header off the couch resulting in a nasty bump on his forehead and this week he was sucking on his bottom lip and fell biting into the skin below his lip. Seriously considering bubble wrap, hoping it is a phase and saying extra prayers for him every day.

He is empathtic – he asks about Wyatt when Wyatt isn’t with us. He is concerned when Juliana is crying. He gives lots of hugs and kisses and has become fond of baby dolls. He still thinks that his big sister is the funniest person in the world. He insists that I carry him quite a bit “uppey mommy, Wyatt walk”.

But most of all Ruslan loves to run – it is rare that he sits still, he is very busy. He steals a toy and runs with it. He runs to me when I arrive at childcare each evening. He runs to the door when he hears it open. He throws or kicks a ball and then chases it. Sometimes we go outside after dinner and run up and down the driveway to get the extra energy out before bed. I fear the winter when it is too cold for this important outside time – it’s never too cold for toddlers, it’s me who doesn’t like being out in the cold.



Even at bedtime is is rare for Ruslan to sit and snuggle these days (after nap and first thing in the morning are the best options for snuggles). Occasionally he will sit with Wyatt and Juliana before bed for a few minutes. He still sucks his thumb but not nearly as much, primarily when he is sleepy or upset and he needs to calm down.


As we will do with all “half-birthdays”, we took Ruslan’s t-shirt picture (a size small men’s t-shirt). The shirt is still so big; I had forgotten how much bigger it was a year ago when it completely covered his feet and it was sliding off his shoulders. I love this annual comparison of how they have changed in the past year. The official 30-month stats – 29-1/2 pounds (47%) and 35″ (22%).

2 comments to Ruslan 2.5

  • I love the half-birthday shirt tradition! I can’t believe how much he has grown in the last year!

  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    I love all the pictures – each one is precious in it’s own way. Smart idea with the T-shirt! Why did I never think of that, of course we have so few pictures, didn’t have the great capacity for doing pictures as today. They will surely enjoy all these immensely when their older & can share them with their children. You know when the boys came I was a little afraid that Juliana would not be too happy with all that special attention she would no longer get & how much they’d need. But you did it Jen! I’m not quite sure how you managed it but she seems to be treated like a princess always & those are two princes for sure. You’ve done such a tremendous job with them. I’d buy them from you if I could afford them and if you would sell them and if I could take care of them which I know I couldn’t and you wouldn’t. It sure is nice to be here just peeking in their lives so often. Lord, keep this family together always, keep them all safe and in good health and provide for them in every way. They are all so special. Bless them real good!!! AMEN