Wyatt 2.5

A glimpse into the world of Wyatt at 2-1/2 years old.

He LOVES french fries, but there is a catch. French fries in the fast food container = the most awesome, best thing ever. French fries on a napkin or plate = I don’t want it, NO, Fix it. One of the reasons he loves french fries so much is because there is usually ketchup as well. Other foods he has dipped in ketchup this week – pizza, pierogies, bread, grapes, apples. He held a candy corn over the ketchup and thought better of it at the last moment and shoved it in his mouth instead. He has amazing hearing and is getting to the point where he put ideas together. My mom was standing near Wyatt and I was on the phone with her. I told her that I was stopping at Wendy’s and he yelled “I want french fries!” He heard Wendy’s and translated it to french fries. When you tell him it is someone’s birthday he sings Happy Birthday and asks for cake and when he walked down the stairs on Juliana’s birthday and saw balloons he yelled – Cake!

He knows when he is being bad and thinks it is funny and that if he is cute he can get away with anything. I catch him being bad and he tips his head and flashes his best smile at me and then is shocked that he is still in trouble. Note on his paper from daycare this week “Wyatt likes to get into trouble, then give a big smile when he gets caught!” At least he is consistent. And when Wyatt is sad, he is all in on the sad.

He is very determined when he decides he wants to do something. He will grab my hand (or Scott or whoever else is available) and say “come on Mommy” and pull me in the direction he wants to go – eat, play with cars, go outside, etc.  He finds my mom and pats her hip (near her pocket) and says “come on Nonni, play phone”. He has quickly mastered many iPhone apps. 

And he still loves TV. This weekend he was walking across the playroom to get something and got distracted by the TV. He stopped and stood in the same spot for 10 minutes before sitting on the floor to continue watching. It isn’t all technology for Wyatt, he is happy to stack blocks and play catch as well.

He loves to hide and pop his head out saying “I see you” and recently he figured out that he can slide under his crib to delay bedtime – it is a tight fit.

Wyatt is such a good helper. In the morning he carries their breakfast from the van to their classroom and most days he walks – this is a new development. Until recently I was carrying them both from the van to their room or they would lay in the parking lot and scream. Some days one of them still wants to be carried – better 30 than 60 pounds. He has also started to help bring the trash cans out to the street on trash night. He is so proud of himself when he makes it all the way up the driveway.

He can count to 20 by himself (usually 13 and 15 are left out). I hadn’t ever heard him count over 3 and then one day he wandered through the kitchen counting to 20 – I was very surprised! But it is so Wyatt to not let on to a new trick until he has it all figured out. He likes to sit back and watch for a while until he learns how to do something.

As we will do with all “half-birthdays”, we took Wyatt’s t-shirt picture (a size small men’s t-shirt). The shirt is still so big; I had forgotten how much bigger it was a year ago when it completely covered his feet and it was sliding off his shoulders. I love this annual comparison of how they have changed in the past year. The official 30-month stats – 30 pounds (56%) and 37″ (77%)

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