The Long Weekend Wrap-up

We had a good, almost relaxing long weekend. Thanksgiving with my parents and a few family friends was filled with tons of yummy food. My morning with the boys was spent watching the parade and snuggling on the couch – a relaxing way to spend the morning together.

Juliana kept busy while the turkey cooked by helping with some outside decorating at my parents and taking advantage of the beautiful day to play outside.

We had a good mix of inside and outside time (playing outside without jackets at the end of November – so awesome). They played with¬†play-doh one morning; the boys went a long time without eating any so that was nice…and there was a Super Girl dance contest while the boys napped one afternoon.

Scott and I continued to work on cleaning out the garage and organizing the basement – I am very exicited about being able to park in the garage this winter. While we worked and the boys napped, Juliana was busy jumping from one outdoor activity to another – riding her bike and then the scooter, drawing with chalk, and kicking the soccer ball in the net. Then she enlisted Scott’s help with a large chalk drawing project and the 2 of them spent a long time¬†working on their project.

Saturday morning my parents went to the zoo with us – it was perfect – beautiful day and no crowds. The boys happily walked most of the time and were most excited by the elephants and the fish, unless you count the sea lion statue – Wyatt was very fond of that.

And we also started to decorate – I think Christmas is going to be a lot of fun with these guys!

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