Christmas Goodies

Most of my spare time over the past week has been spent making Christmas goodies. I made some favorites this year as well as lots of new treats. I tried to make some things that are gluten-free like the toffee and I made a separate batch of the salted caramel pretzel bark with gluten-free pretzels for Scott. Here are some of the goodies that I made this year along with links to the recipes and the Pinterest links if I added it there. Most of these were made for teacher gifts…it’s better that they are leaving the house because I want to eat all of them.

Best Ever Toffee – This was my first time making toffee and I was scared that it would be a disaster. It was so easy and so very good. (Recipe:—super-easy/, Pinterest link:

Salted Caramel Bark – I generally avoid white chocolate but I was intrigued by the pretzel, chocolate and caramel combination. This took about 15 minutes to make from start to finish. The recipe calls for a chocolate drizzle at the end of the process. I forgot it on the first batch and decided it wasn’t necessary so I left it off the remaining sheets. (Recipe:, Pinterest link:

Dark Chocolate Cookies with a Candy Cane Swirl – These are going on the list of my favorite cookies, they are soooo good. (Recipe:, Pinterest link:

Chocolate Marshmallow Bark – 3 ingredients, 10 minutes, if you like marshmallows and chocolate they are very good. (Recipe:, Pinterest link:

Pretzel Hugs – I make these every year. I love them and they are very easy to make. (Recipe:

2 comments to Christmas Goodies

  • i saw the best ever toffee and couldn’t believe it was as easy as they said. i trust that you agreeing means i need to attempt it.
    those chocolate cookies with the candy cane kisses might very well be the most dangerous thing i have seen in a long time. i won’t make them, i won’t make them, i won’t make them…oh how i want to make them!
    you are kinda evil…

  • holy hell. That looks awesome!