Elfie – His Final Adventures

Elfie spent the remainder of the month finding new places to hide. Some days I had a great idea and others I stuck him whereever I could think of before going to bed. I am impressed that I didn’t forget to move him once during the month. And Juliana continued to be excited to find him each morning.

One week before Christmas Santa needed Elfie’s help at the North Pole for a few days so Elfie left a note and his friend Bella came to our house. She wore a skirt and red “gem” earrings.

Elfie returned for a few final days and hid amongst some of the holiday decor including a zip-line from the top of the tree.

Juliana already misses him and can’t wait for him to come back next year. I still can’t believe how excited she was the whole month and that she never questioned the magic elf – there is something about Christmas makes you want to believe anything is possible.

3 comments to Elfie – His Final Adventures

  • pghrugbyangel

    You did a great job with Elfie this Christmas! I had grand plans for Little C’s elf, Jolly, while at my parents over Christmas, but my sister forgot Jolly at home. :-( Maybe next year!

  • i’m thrilled that she enjoyed him so and that she didn’t question his magic! so sad that i forget that feeling.

  • Dudders

    How cute! It looks like Elfie had a ton of fun while he was visiting from the North Pole. I love the zip line!