This is What Happy Looks Like

My brother hasn’t been to Pittsburgh since last Christmas so when I would mention Uncle Nick the boys didn’t know who I was talking about. I asked Nick to come over this morning so they could play with him on their turf and play they did. They raced matchbox cars down the ramps, they ate pretend food in the kitchen and they built towers of blocks and knocked them down. And then I told Nick how much they love the bumper cars that he bought them for Christmas last year.  Soon the cars were out and Nick started pushing them across the room – living room races! Nick carefully lined them up, made sure their feet were tucked up in the front and reminded them to hold on tight.

Then there was a chorus of ready, set, go!

Ruslan the daredevil thinks holding on is overrated.

Words can’t describe how happy Ruslan and Wyatt are most of the time and how much fun they are …this is what it looks like. I love these boys, all 3 of them.

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