Christmas 2011

I double-checked to make sure Juliana was asleep before I started to carry all of the presents down the stairs. I placed all of the presents from Mommy and Daddy under the tree. Then I filled the stockings and arranged the Santa piles along the wall. I was so excited for the morning I had trouble falling asleep.

I was awakened by children calling for me. I went downstairs first and turned on the lights on the tree. They came down the stairs in their Christmas pjs and found their stockings. Juliana jumped right in opening everything in her stocking. The boys opened one thing and then looked up to see if they should continue. They stopped to read a book and play with cars. Juliana finished her stocking and moved on to the presents under the tree. The boys opened some presents and played.


After Juliana was done opening her presents, we went to the playroom. Ruslan arrived first and walked slowly toward the train table and immediately started to play.


Wyatt arrived a few minutes later, dropped the toys he was carrying and ran to the train table.

They played with their trains throughout the day.

We took a break to have pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Since we spent the day at home there was plenty of time to snuggle and read their new books.

And eventually Ruslan wandered back to the tree and opened the rest of his presents.

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