It was a Pretty Good Year

In 2011 we moved to a new house which we love! We didn’t sell our old house yet but in December we decided to rent it and had a signed lease by the end of the year (Yay!)

The second biggest event this year was Juliana starting Kindergarten and she is doing great! She also started gymnastics in the fall and is having fun – one activity for her is definitely enough in our busy schedule. The other big change for her this year was losing her first 3 teeth.

With the exception of Ruslan’s arm injury we have had very few Drs trips this year, the long stretch of ear infections for the boys came to an end last spring.

Scott started a gluten-free diet at the end of the summer which has made a big difference for him; we are still adjusting to that meal planning challenge.

I had a few goals for myself last year:
1 – Make time to go out with my friends – Shuffling childcare is sometimes tricky, but those evenings out make such a difference for my sanity.
2 – Lose weight – At this point I am down over 20 pounds compared to a year ago and feel so much better about myself.
3 – Spend more time in front of the camera – Through a combination of asking other people to take pictures of me and the kids, handing the camera off to Juliana, and making use of the timer and mirrors to take pictures…there are twice as many pictures that include me in my photo catalog for 2011 compared to 2010.
4 – Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification – For the first time since Juliana was born I did something to improve my professional capabilities.

It was a busy year and it went by so quickly.


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