Leggings are Not Pants

Juliana came home from school on Wednesday with a huge hole in her tights again. When I asked her what happened, she shrugged and then excitedly told me about the small hole that she had in the other leg of her tights. “I had a small hole in this side and I found some string and I used my barrette as a needle and I sewed the hole shut. You can call me Juliana, small hole knitter.”

As I was getting her dressed Thursday morning she told me it was a bad idea for her to wear tights since they would probably get ruined. However the option of pants was unacceptable so I opened another pair of tights.

She is allowed to wear navy leggings under her jumpers/skirts but I haven’t been able to find any completely plain, navy leggings. Yesterday I wandered into the girls clothing section of Target to look for heavy weight tights (also impossible to find plain navy or white in stores at a reasonable price in winter), once again there were none in her size.  I walked past the new spring clothes and they there were – plain, navy leggings with the spring outfits. Since she is between sizes at the moment, I bought 4 pair in 2 different sizes. At $6 I was able to buy 4 pair of leggings for the price of a single pair I was close to purchasing online out of desperation. The smaller size fits so I will be buying more in each size and putting the bigger ones away for next year. And next year when I am buying snow pants in the summer, I will try to remember to buy heavy weight tights as well.

Today she wore the leggings and she loved them. After school she told me that even when she tried to poke a barrette through them she couldn’t make a hole…I guess the leggings are Juliana proof.

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