Parking the Cars

You can often find Ruslan quietly playing with the small cars – driving them across any flat surface including walls, tables, floors and window sills. After dinner tonight Ruslan disappeared into the playroom and started to collect cars and park them on the window sill. He was sitting on the table with a pile of cars. He would slowly drive each car across the table, up the wall and along the window sill until he reached the next available spot where he would park it.

I did remind him that he should not be sitting on the table and he would get down and then hop back up again.

And he is so silly cute…

He parked cars until he used all available space and then double-parked them to make room for some of the larger vehicles.

When he was done Wyatt joined him at the table and they had “coffee”, and fake snacks and chatted…just like little old men who met for breakfast.

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