Playing in the Snow

We finally got enough snow that it was worth bundling the boys to play outside. I asked them if they wanted to play outside in the snow and they jumped up and down and screamed. It took awhile to assemble all of the snow gear and cut the tags off the new snow pants, gloves and coats (I bought the $70 coats for the boys on clearance for $10 2 years ago).

They were so excited when we walked downstairs and they stood at the back door pointing at the snow and growing impatient while I put on my boots and gloves. I opened the back door and stepped into the snow¬†but the boys stopped at the threshold and started to yell, “Up Mommy”. Scott herded them outside and they demanded up. Ruslan was sad and Wyatt was typically skeptical of the situation.

We persuaded them to make tracks in the snow and soon they were wandering around the yard.

Scott showed them that they could pick up the snow and throw it and they were sold – playing in the snow is fun!

Wyatt decided to try the snow – the last picture is a new favorite.

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