Random Juliana

Juliana gets fixated on a tv series and watches every episode on Netflix and then she moves on to another one for the next week or two and she will eventually circle back and repeat. This week Dinosaur Train is the series of choice.

Sunday afternoon she started to watch an episode while I was making lunch and in the middle of the theme song I said “When I grow up I want to be a Pteranodon.” Her response – “You are already growed up and you can’t be a dinosaur because decided to be a mom. I’m not going to be a mom when I grow up, I am going to be an artist and a teacher instead.” I told her that she could be both but she insisted that she doesn’t want to be a mom, she will be spending enough time around the students that she teaches so she won’t need her own.


At dinner Saturday Scott was disappointed to find out that the lobster bisque included flour and mentioned to Juliana that it was one of his favorite foods. She proceeded to start a question game where we had to guess the answer to her questions and then we rotated. We were on the topic of hobbies and I correctly guessed Scuba diving as Scott’s favorite hobby. I asked what my favorite hobby was and she snuggled up to me, smiled and said, “is it hanging out with me and Ruslan and Wyatt?” Of course it is honey.


I never know which Juliana I will find in the morning. There is the super agreeable little girl who gets dressed quickly, finds shoes and sometimes brushes her own hair. Other days I have to start dressing her while she is still in bed and hold her up with one arm while I am putting her tights on with the other. Monday morning she came downstairs and went back to sleep on the couch. Yesterday she got completely ready by herself and was happy the entire time. Today I was trying to get her tights on and she lost her balance and we both fell over – it is amazing how much drama can occur in the 25 minutes before she leaves the house each morning.


Juliana won’t wear pants to school only a skirt or jumper every day. The reason she won’t wear pants – during morning meeting when they sit on the carpet they sit with their legs straight out when wearing skirts, but if they are in pants they have to sit with their legs crossed (indian style) and she doesn’t like to sit like that. And of course pants aren’t pretty. There was one very cold morning in December that I was able to talk her into pants and we have discussed wearing pants when there is another very cold day. In the fall and whenever it is warmer, she wears knee socks but now she is in tights every day and Juliana’s tights have a short life span.  Some day I will find a great sale on plain navy tights and I will buy them all, that same day she will decide that pants are the best thing ever.

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  • Sarah

    I was a tights girl too (still like) but remember when it was cold my Mom would make me where pants over the tights until I got to school, church, etc. That was the worst look ever and I hated it every time, but I sure looked good once I got where we were going. LOL!