A Sick Day for Wyatt

Wyatt was home today with a fever and upset stomach. He started to feel better mid-morning although he was very tired and clingy. We keep some toys in closed storage РI opened some of those bins this morning to entertain him.

He watched tv and ate some food and we had yet another change of footie pjs. At times he put his head down on the table and eventually we went back to the playroom so he could lounge more comfortably and we read books.

And when I really needed to get some work done, I opened the kid apps folder and handed my i-pad to him. He “read” books and played games, never moving more than a few feet away from me.

He didn’t protest nap time and we woke him up after 3 hours. He seemed much more like himself after a good nap and his temp was normal. He ate a snack and soon Ruslan was home and they played together. Wyatt ate 2 large pieces of pizza for dinner¬†(I was really hoping his stomach was settled as he kept eating more) and drank lots of water. After dinner it was a normal evening with playtime and books and snuggles before bed. Looking back at this picture I took after dinner last night, he probably wasn’t feeling well then. I’m glad he is feeling better tonight.

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  • Gr. Grama Julie Oldach

    Oh, I just hate to see the little ones sick but then that special attention they get and the great TLC and time alone with mommy I’m sure counts for a lot. I’m glad he’s better & hope Russy didn’t come down with it too. Love, GRAMA