He is Always by My Side

I take a lot of pictures of the kids and when I look through my image catalog there are so many pictures of Juliana and Ruslan laughing and showing their personality. I have fewer pictures of Wyatt and it’s not because I don’t spend much time with him. In fact I spend a lot of time with him and he is usually very close.

Wyatt can be found clinging to my leg while I am trying to be productive in the kitchen or sitting on my lap when he drags me away to the playroom.

Some nights he is overtired and won’t eat dinner unless I am near.

He loves to sit on my lap in the evening so my view of him is the back of his head.

When my friend Michelle took pictures of us in December, I had to hold Wyatt for much of the time. And if I wasn’t holding him I was only a few inches away. Wyatt may not have a silly smile on his face, but I love this picture. This is Wyatt who loves to snuggle and this is how we spend a lot of time. On the days that Wyatt screams whenever I walk away from him, I try to remind myself that this phase won’t last forever.

Speaking of Michelle, check out the website for her photography business. She is awesome!


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