Mornings – Why Must They be so Early

After almost 6-1/2 years of motherhood I still really miss sleeping in on the weekends. When Juliana was a toddler I could wait to get out of bed until she was awake and then she would happily watch a movie while I showered and got ready. But that is not an option with the boys – they would use that opportunity to get into lots of trouble. So I set an alarm for Saturday and Sunday mornings and I wake up early enough to shower. Today I walked out of my room at 7:20 and Juliana was waiting in the hallway and I could hear the boys chattering in their room. There is no easing into the day with 3 young children. Generally they all want some mommy time before they eat breakfast so we settled in the living room for the first part of the day.

This morning Ruslan was snuggled on my lap and I was resting my head against his. It was early and everyone was watching a LeapFrog movie and I closed my eyes to relax for a few moments while it was calm. My phone was on my lap and I held it out and snapped this picture. It isn’t a perfect picture, but it is a perfect depiction of our weekend mornings. Me wishing desperately for a few more minutes of sleep while I enjoy some quiet snuggles with at least one child.

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