Organized at Least for a Moment

At this moment every photo in my digital catalog is organized and tagged. Last March I started the project to go through all of my existing photos (digital – I will tackle scanning old pictures someday), organize them and come up with a work flow to stay current. I use Photoshop Elements to organize everything. The categories are customĀ based on our lifeĀ and they include place like Kennywood, zoos and playgrounds; all of the people in our family; events such as Christmas, Halloween, Weddings; and a whole lot of other. I add categories as necessary – I added one for gymnastics when Juliana started classes this past fall. I love being able to quickly find pictures of a specific person or activity with only one or two clicks.

There are currently 41,628 images in the catalog and right now everything is tagged. Now that that project is completed the next big project on my list is Ruslan and Wyatt’s first year books. Yes they are almost 3 but I didn’t start Juliana’s book until she was 2-1/2…I am just now starting to feel creative again.

A few pictures from today (edited: I wrote this last night and then the power went out just as I was getting ready to publish). We have started to watch for the garbage trucks on Friday mornings and this week Wyatt was brave enough to watch from the sidewalk. Ruslan stayed inside – big trucks are cool, but they are also noisy and a little scary.





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